Monday, July 7, 2014

Mini Review: Gotham City Imposters

Hey guys,

So, Gotham City Imposters was listed for free on XBox Live for Gold Subscribers. I've messed around with it for a bit, and here's my two cents on it.

1. Visuals

Visually, the game looks nice. Its not trying to wow you with graphics. They are somewhat cartoonish and remind me of Team Fortress Two actually. However, when things are not lagging, it looks nice and has a good flow. I did not notice any major issues when the game played properly. You have the option later on to customize your wannabe Batman and your Joker gang outfits.

2. Weapon balance

Unfortunately, I have to admit, that I got incredibly tired of people spamming the invisibility skill or the katana/roller skates combo. Also, sniping is harder to pickup than it is in other games. More punishing for not getting a headshot too.

3. Match types

Plenty of game modes to play.  It may have been the fact that the game is free to Gold members right now, but the deathmatch option had alot of lag and was very jarring. Played an option that is basically Kill Confirmed from Call of Duty and it ran fine for the most part.

Final Thoughts:

For free, its a great pickup and time waster. While its not Call of Duty, it is a fun way to spend an evening every now and then. If you go in with a friend or two, its even more fun as you describe the mayhem going on with how you died or how you killed someone to each other. The lag issues should die down as the "Free for Gold" rush dies down a bit.

My score: 85/100.

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