Wednesday, June 4, 2014

Mini Review: Call of Duty Ghosts Invasion Map Pack

Hey everyone,

I've been busy messing around with the new DLC for Call of Duty Ghosts. So, let's get to it.

Here is a video preview from the official Call of Duty Website

This DLC adds four new maps to the Ghosts multiplayer experience and another chapter to the Extinction game mode. I haven't done anything with the Extinction part, so this will focus on the multiplayer maps.

1. Pharoah

This map is a large 1920's era archaeologists' dig site. It has good detail and lots of open space for snipers as well as some tight corridors and buildings for those who prefer to use SMGs and such. The map has a secret room, that is opened by turning three torches that are in different rooms on the map. I do not know if the same person has to turn all the torches or if it is a combination of them being turned. Inside the secret room, there is a random care package that can be just about anything. I have seen it be a Sat Com, a Loki, and a MAAWS. Once the care package is taken, there is a short time limit to escape the room. If you do not, then the room's trap activates and you burn to death. Also, the map's super reward for completing a care package challenge is called the Blessing of Anubis. This reward gives you EVERY perk in the game. For four lives. Powerful, yet balanced as you do not get any increase in health so a headshot will still kill you. Spawning on the map needs to be worked on as multiple times I would spawn in front of multiple enemies and such.

2. Mutiny

This map is a Caribbean port town. A wooden ship is docked in town. The setting is a night-time setting. The map is much smaller. Probably the smallest map. Lots of tight spaces for those knifers and SMG runners. Most people tended to want to camp on the docked Pirate ship as it gave elevation and cover. Two super rewards here. First is calling in pirate ships to bombard the enemy team. Didn't do much for me when I got it. Second is calling in two ghost pirates as squadmates that would go out and kill enemies with you. Moderately effective as both would usually get one or two kills before being destroyed. Spawn issues continued here.

3. Departed

This is a Mexican city during the Day of the Dead festival. Well balanced map. Lots of corridors and open areas for sniping. Super reward killstreak on this map is the Death Mariachi. Basically you are a maniac with guns. When you kill someone, their body becomes a squadmate who follows you and kills people too. This reward is really powerful as all enemies show up red no matter where they are as far as I can tell. Music plays while the Mariachi is alive. I have this reward three times. Once I was killed quickly as the entire enemy team showed up right as I got it and I had no help. Second time I got five kills. Third time I was the Mariachi the entire game and went 16-1. From my playing, both teams can get this once, but I am unsure if each team can have it at the same time.  While spawns  were a bit of an issue, they were not quite as bad as spawns on the other maps. My favorite map of this release.

4. Favela remake

This plays just like Favela from Modern Warfare 2. Looks better, but people still tended to camp the Ice Cream shop and Barber shop. The AC-130 killstreak is brought back, with a different name, for the super reward killstreak. Sadly, this map is not an ideal map for that killstreak as it has so many buildings to hide in. A more open map like Wasteland would have been a better fit for the reward. Maybe the Chopper Gunner would have been a better choice as it has better building penetration abilities. Spawns were not very good here either.

Final thoughts:

All in all, the map pack is a good one. IT gives good variety and the killstreak rewards are fun. IF they fix the spawn issues then the gameplay on these maps will improve immensely.

My score: 75/100. If they fix the spawns then it will increase.

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